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Parenting Intuitive Children

Wouldn't it be great if our kids came with a personalised instruction book? Life would be easy and we'd have a much better relationship with our kids... If you're anything like Karina, being a parent has it’s ups and downs, but she loves it just the same.

But what if you have a child who's intuitive, a sensitive, psychic, or has been give a special name to describe their gifts (e.g. crystal child)? The challenges of parenting just got a whole lot bigger!

Karina has created this workshop to help parents through the maze of parenting their Intuitive Child, for she knows there's a whole lot more to consider. Karina encourages a deep connection to your child/children and an intuitive approach.


What to expect:

This workshop is aimed at easing your way in giving your child the very best possible support. Throughout the one day course topics addressed will include; discipline, eating, visions, energies, protection and empowerment. You will be given examples, tools and techniques with a whole new understanding, you walk away with a few more tricks in your bag to navigate the joys of parenting an Intuitive Child. For as Karina knows, she is incredibly privileged to have been chosen by her kids and she's determined to enjoy every possible minute!