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Talking to the Angels 4 Kids

Is your child intuitive, psychic or sensitive to the emotions of others?

Do you have a child who has spoken to or sees Angels, Fairies? Has spoken about Dead Spirits, scary energies, having visions, predictions or disturbing dreams, or perhaps ‘lives' from another time? Is your child one who has or could have a special gift? If you've been drawn to read this, then it's likely you have.

All children are born intuitive, with a sensitivity to all those around them, including the Spirit World. As they grow and immerse themselves in the world around them these skills become lost or blocked. Unfortunately in this process there is a dimming of the intuitive and creative connections, they lose the ability to listen to and trust their inner guidance.

This course encourages children to return to their natural state.

Karina was born with psychic gifts which were unacceptable to her community. She has psychic children of her own and has a special relationship with the children.

The teachers of this course are passionate about teaching children to be empowered and proud of their gifts, to be all of who they are.


What to expect:

This one day course assists children to distil the aloneness, whilst working on their self-esteem and teaching the basics of Spiritual concepts in an age-appropriate manner.

With a parent or significant other present to continue the support and magic at home, your child receives intuitive healing to help release or empower all that is limiting their potential.

This course includes Art, Dance, Meditation, Music, Angels, Crystals, Acting and a ‘real' Fairy hunt, this is a day to be remembered, with subtle teaching throughout. Expect a ‘new' child to emerge from this workshop as they play through a magical journey with highly intuitive, gifted teachers and healers.