Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls

Living and Embracing Abundance

Where in your life are you lacking? Do you feel you are struggling financially? Are you time poor? Or are you lacking in love, friendship, health, opportunity or success?

Abundance is a gift, a plentiful supply in every aspect of your life. It is innate within you, and can easily be utilised.

Living and Embracing your Abundance will show you how!

We can all have an entirely abundant life, but have one area that is simply not working for us. Perhaps you’re lacking across a number of areas.

This 3.5 hour course is an investment in your future.

It teaches abundance in health, wealth, happiness, companionship, love and opportunity. Through a tiny investment and half a day of your time, you can expect to experience a rewarding change in everything.

Abundance is all about flow of energy and we aim to identify and clear those areas in your life that are not flowing freely, whilst teaching you the principles of success in abundance.

Your teacher’s experience has been a journey from poverty to wealth, illness to health, loneliness to companionship, lacking love to experiencing love. Through the written aspects of this course your willingly shares the secrets of their experience to assist you to share in the wealth of complete abundance they have across all the aspects of their lives.

Your first gift of abundance at the completion of the workshop is Karina Godwin’s guided meditation CD "Living and Embracing Your Abundance" so that you can continue your journey of abundance at home.


What to expect:

There is so much abundance to be had, regardless of your circumstances. The secret you need to learn is just how to access it.

It is unnecessary to have a lack of abundance, so allow us to heal, identify, teach and inspire new levels of abundance in your life. Receive Meliae Intuitive Healing in abundance throughout this workshop, to release any blocks, beliefs or issues that interrupt a free flowing abundance everywhere in your life.

No experience is required for this workshop, as all meditations are guided and all staff are intuitively placed to provide the help you need to experience abundance. Get ready to go, live abundantly and love every minute of it!