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Awakening Your Intuition

Hi Karina,
I wanted to put it in writing to thank you for your encouragement, love and support.
and that you helped me make sense of my whole life...well a big part make sense.
Since the awakening course i have been on a high and can't come down nor do i want to!
That night I asked Hubbie if it was ok to work from home he said yes! And I'm off!
I have registered with my associations, got insurance, found a babysitter, getting business cards and flyers organised, talked to friends made vouchers and stepped into my psychic ability and am telling people without reservation!

I have got together a little retail section too selling crystals smudge sticks and have decided to use the young living oils too, which i have just signed up for.
I have lost weight, speak to my angels many times daily and i just can’t come down!!! i am wrapt!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you saw in me and the encouragement love and support you offered unconditionally. To you I will be eternally grateful!
I hope you get the continued Love and support that keeps you doing what you do as you are one special lady! In love & light.

— Carmen Smith, Melbourne