Flying Souls Institute of Healing is a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of
healing that nurtures you to help you to achieve peace, balance,
enlightenment, happiness and belief in yourself.

Flying Souls


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Destiny Put Yourself First - Book              Destiny Put Yourself First

                                                                     - Guided Meditations CD


Inspiration Cards

Shine you deserve it lid image for web                 Joy Inspiration Cards Image for web

     Shine You Deserve It                                                      Joy 


 Meditations for Life - Series 1  




    Meditations For Joy                                        Meditations To Relax



 Karina Godwin CD cover Imagine for web                               Karina Godwin CD cover Strength for WEb


    Meditations to Imagine                                Meditations for Strength



Karina Godwin CD cover Balance fs websitey                Karina Godwin CD cover Letting Go for web


  Meditations for Balance                              Meditations for Letting Go



    Karina Godwin CD cover Value You for web                  Meditations for Loss for web 250x227 


  Meditations to Value You                               Meditations for Loss



Kids Meditation CD's 



                Best of Being You for web 250x229   


     Dreamland For Kids                                The Best of Being You 

   - Guided Meditations                                 - Guided Meditations




Guided Meditations for Study



Stationary Products


Shine Journal Cover LowRes                        Shine 25-List-01LowRes


        Shine Journal                                      Shine Transforming Me - My 25 List





  Shining Me - A New Me Planner


 Other CD's

finding embracing soulmate love               Guided Meditations Living E


     Finding & Embracing                                    Living & Embracing

        Soulmate Love                                            Your Abundance